Sarah Fortsch is a 19 year old singer-songwriter. She was born in New York State and is currently living in Michigan. Sarah started singing when she was 2, wrote her first song when she was 4, started playing the guitar at 6, and publically performing at 8. In the first grade, Sarah would go door-to-door at each classroom and sing songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" to the class with her guitar in hand only about a month of taking lessons. During holiday season, she would learn a few Christmas songs and play them for the class before school would go on break. She wrote personalized songs to each of her teachers and come in to school early to perform it to them. When she turned 8, she expanded beyond the walls of her school and started playing at coffee shops. Her first ever performance out side of school was at Tim Horton's in Brockport, New York singing Elivs covers like "All Shook Up" and "Hound Dog" in return for a on-the-house breakfast for her and her family.

In only 18 years, Sarah has a long list of career highlights. At age 15, Sarah won first place in the first round for her performance at The Apollo Theatre in NYC at the world-famous 'Amateur Night' ('Stars of Tomorrow section) with her original song 'Kingdom' with the Apollo band (song is available on the album) and was then invited back to perform for a second time in May. She was a finalist in 'Detroit's Got Talent' competition where she performed her original song, 'Take it All.' She recenly won first place at Nashville Rising Song with her original song "Love for a Day" where she will advance to the semi-final round soon. She has played venues like "Rock the Stage" many times. She was invited to play at The Shelter and The Crofoot, she has played Nick's Gas Light, The Bullfrog, The Plymouth Coffee Bean, The Ritz, and more. In addition to the crowds she has drawn in up and down Michigan, she's played all over Atlanta, NYC, Upstate New York, Chicago, Cleveland, LA, and Vegas.

She has been played on the podcast/radio "Women of Substance" multiple times as well as other podcasts. She performed her original song "Love for a Day" on "Live in the D" on Channel 4 along with a short interview promoting her new EP, click HERE to see the performance. Oceanic Blue UK reviewed her EP, the review can be found HERE. She recently completed an online course at Berklee School of Music for "Pop/Rock Vocals" and will be futhering that online education.

Sarah has a huge heart for charity work and pursuing her music through that. She has performed at countless banquets, benefit concerts, and fundrasing shows for "KnowResolve" which is an organization that works to prevent suicide among teens and young adults. She was named Celebrity Ambassador for "Wish Upon a Teen Foundation". Her involvement with them varies from performing to help draw out people to help raise money, going door-to-door in kid's hospital rooms and playing songs for them, teaching ill children how to play guitar, performing at their annual prom, etc. She JUST dropped her new Single "Hymn of Our Hearts" with some of the kids from Wish Upon a Teen who are passionate about music where she gave them an oppurtunity to write their own verse about what they would want to say to other kids struggling with fighting diseases, and professionally recorded it with them as well as making and releasing a music video (HERE) and a behind the scenes video (HERE) for it. You can find the song on all online platforms, all proceeds of the song are donated to the cause find it on iTunes HERE.

She opened for Sam Woolf at "Blessings in a Backpact" benefit concert, where she helped raise money for the cause to mobilize communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry.

Her first single, "White Sheets" and first album, 'Pacifier,' were released in 2015, at age 16. Her single won an 'Akademia Music Award'. She dropped her award winning EP, "UNEVEN" in the summer of 2017 which has accumulated numerous awards including an award for "Best Pop Song" with her song "How Things Stack Up". "Piano Bench" was also nominated for that same category, losing to "How Things Stack Up". In early 2018, she dropped "Hymn of Our Hearts" with Wish Upon a Teen to raise awareness to the kids and to the organization.

Sarah has been described as a female Ed Sheeran, but there has yet to be an artist that encomapsses her exact sound. She describes her music genre as a mix of Top 40/Pop.

"One of my core beliefs is that you can't expect to bring out 40,000 if you don't dignify 40, but you also can't reach the 41 if you are satisfied with the 40. I'm committed to give my best performace at every performance." ~Sarah Fortsch

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